Pearl ring with Diamond

hand crafted in 18K

Emerald Ring

with 2 triangular cut diamonds, set in 18K yellow gold

hand crafted in 1990

Engagement ring

in 14K yellow and white gold

Diamond Ring

18K white and yellow gold

Engagement ring with triangular cut diamond,

in 18K yellow and white gold

18K yellow and white gold band,

hand made

Opal Ring

14K yellow gold with diamonds

"The Tire"

18K yellow gold; 1999

"the Wave"

Ruby  Ring in 18K yellow and white gold, with pave set diamonds; 1996

"The Moon"

silver and gold;1992

Engraved by well known Coast Salish artist William Good


Wedding Bands

18K yellow gold;1992

Engraved by well known Coast Salish artist William Good


18K yellow gold; 1992

Engraved by well known  Coast Salish artist William Good


inspired by a discarded candy wrapper


Inspired by the old masters,

with a more modern twist

Man's ring

build by hand ' with princess cut diamond' in 18K

18 K yellow gold ring; 1986

Pigeon with Pearl pendant

Pigeon was modeled in art class during my apprentiship program in 1978

my first gold ring and pendent; 1976

Design drawing for pearl clasp; 1979

Design drawing for white gold broche ; 1979


Crafted at an evening jewellery making class, Brass; 1971 (age 12)

Copper model for silver Bracelet

Necklace in Copper:

This was the mode for a necklace I made in silver for my 6 grade teacher; 1971

Bracelet in Copper crafted from electrical wire found in the basement; 1972.

Pendant made in 1970 - at the age of 11-

in the basement of the family home crafted from horseshoe nails

and sold at the school fair

Silver plated chain

This chain was made as a birthday present for my

sister  in 1970